2017 - 2018 Pricing Information

Class Pricing Matrix

30 min. class$ 42.00 per month

45 min. class$ 45.00 per month

60 min. class$ 50.00 per month

75 min. class$ 55.00 per month

90 min. class$ 58.00 per month

  • Family Discount: 10% off of your total tuition
  • Tuition is based on 9 ½ months of class Tuition is received monthly and paid with Visa/Mastercard credit or debit cards, cash or checks

Annual Registration fee of $15 per student due when registering

Recital fee of $30 due February 1.



Session 1: October 2017 thru January 2018 - $120

Session 2: January 2018 thru June 2018 - $120


Fall Office Hours:

     Monday - Thursday 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm


***Once you pay for a month of classes you are financially committed to that month of classes. If you would like to drop or cancel a class you must provide in writing 30 days prior to dropping to not incur the next month tuition. In addition, registration fee, costume, recital ticket, recital performance fee are non refundable once provided regardless of continuing class.***